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The University of Chicago Medicine - The Family Birth Center

Prenatal Care

At the Family Birth Center, doctors, midwives and obstetric nurses offer more than medical expertise. Our team is genuinely interested in coaching you through a healthy pregnancy and an optimized childbirth experience. Prenatal care is available at our main campus in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, as well as at our new location in the South Loop.

During your prenatal appointments, we encourage you and your spouse, partner or co-parent to feel comfortable asking questions.

Our goals are to:

  • Monitor your and your baby's health during pregnancy, exploring every possible opportunity to support healthy fetal development
  • Help you understand physical and emotional changes you may experience during pregnancy
  • Help you prepare for and understand what you might expect during labor and your child's birth

Prenatal Appointments

Most expectant moms start with monthly prenatal visits. We can schedule the first fetal ultrasound as early as seven to eight weeks, giving you an exciting first peek at your little one. Throughout your pregnancy, our specialists conduct common prenatal tests to assess your health and your baby's development. If we detect a high-risk condition in you or your baby, we'll connect you with our team of maternal-fetal medicine experts for diagnostic assessment and specialized risk management care.

Prenatal visits usually increase to twice a month between weeks 28 and 34, then weekly until you go into labor. The appointment schedule can vary on an individual basis.

If you have questions between visits, please do not hesitate to call us at (773) 834-2229 or send a message online using the MyChart patient portal.

Prenatal Classes

The Family Birth Center offers a selection of prenatal classes, including several free classes. Especially if this is your first pregnancy — and even if it isn't — we encourage you and your spouse, partner or co-parent to take prenatal classes and a birth center tour.